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My name is T.R. Patmore, and this is my blog.

photo by Limelite Studios

photo by Limelite Studiosatmore, and this is my blog.

I am a storyteller. I grew up in a reading house, where television wasn’t the center of our home. Instead we’d lounge about in the living room, my two older brothers, my parents, and I, enveloped in our own individual adventures. I cut my teeth on tales of Narnia, and Battle School, and looked forward to the weekly Bookmobile visits. As soon as I was able to wield an instrument, I began writing stories of my own. My eldest brother tells me it was clear, from a very young age, I was going to grow up to be a criminal mastermind, or a creative genius.

For most of my life, writing was just a thing I did. The idea of being a Writer was too abstract. Too far fetched. Not a thing a girl like me could aspire to. In the sixth grade I discovered Shakespeare, and thus began my love affair with the stage. In high school I could think of nothing more than becoming an actress. The life of an artist, however, wasn’t one I was encouraged towards, and so when I went to college it was with some pie in the sky concept of merging my love of acting with psychology. It didn’t get me far. I graduated from Montclair State University in 2007 with a Bachelors of Arts in English, with a concentration in Gender Studies. Then I went to work at Lehman Brothers. Not writing.

Two years later I was married, 16 weeks pregnant, and laid off from my second out of college job. While I was busy wallowing in desolation, my husband suggested I consider staying home with our daughter, and work on becoming the thing I was always meant to be– a Writer.

First, I got pissed. I mean, seriously, what the heck did he know about being a Writer? You don’t just up and decide to do something like that! Besides, that’s selling out…right? When the madness passed I realized he was right. I could at least try.

I spent the next several years developing and cultivating a freelance client list of indie writers. I was an editor, a ghostwriter, and a consultant for plot and structure. I was getting paid, but not for my own work. So I put that life behind me, and have been focused on my own original work ever since.

In November 2016 I debuted the short version of Sister’s Fight at The Colors of Community Women’s Series at the Harlem School of the Arts.

I am currently penning my first draft of a YA science-fiction/fantasy, but I do like to dabble in short stories, and creative non-fiction from time to time. My stories aren’t filled with fictitious languages, or mythical beasts, but instead satisfy the yearning for diversity today’s YA readers demand. I want to write stories with characters that accurately reflect the fabric of society. I want my readers to be able to find themselves in my stories. My main character will be one of the first to tackle the reality of curly hair, because as any of us curly girls know, our hair has a personality of its own.

Like J.K. Rowling, I sense the magic in the world around us. From the way vinegar and baking soda interact, to the workings of interplanetary alignments, and the miracle of a new morning, I am fascinated by how very little we really know about the world we live in, and how much we think we have mastered our environment. One of my favorite series in recent years is the Hunger Games, because I felt a very deep point of relation to the messages of exploitation, and revolution Suzanne Collins wrote about. My current novel seeks to enter into the discussion about humanity’s flawed sense of equality. I’m also a big believer in writing something that is not just about love. Sure, it’s a big part of life, but I refuse to devalue the life of a teenager, or young adult, to the single-minded pursuit of a soulmate. (Sorry Twilight fans, I may not be for you). I like my heroines to rise to a challenge, and discover something more about themselves than how they like to be kissed.

I still believe in fairies, because no one has ever proven to me that they don’t exist, and as long as new species of animals are being discovered, I’m holding out for a chance that fairies are still in hiding. I’m also a believer in the ridiculous, the mad, and the inspirational.

This blog is where I capture my current obsessions, be it a new book, an organizational method, or a way to make my curls more fabulous. It’s just one of the places where my creative ink pools. It’s Just My Inkblot.

Thank for stopping by and checking out my blog. I’d love for you to leave a comment, get involved, or start a discussion in the comments sections. Feel free to reach out to me directly at trpatmore@gmail.com.

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