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Welcome! I am a New Jersey based writer focusing on female empowerment, and demanding diversity in the arts and literature. My first play, Sisters Fight, will debut on November 11, 2016, at the Harlem School of Arts in NYC.

I am currently penning my first draft of a YA science-fiction/fantasy, but I do like to dabble in short stories, and creative non-fiction from time to time. My stories aren’t filled with hard to pronounce names, or fictitious languages, but instead satisfy the yearning for diversity YA readers have been demanding. My goal is to write stories that young people can find themselves in, and use that to have real conversations that matter more than the color of nail polish.

Like J.K. Rowling, I sense the magic in the world around us. From the way vinegar and baking soda interact, to the workings of interplanetary alignments, and the miracle of a new morning, I am fascinated by how very little we really know about the world we live in, and how much we think we have mastered our environment. One of my favorite series in recent years is the Hunger Games, because I felt a very deep point of relation to the messages of exploitation, and revolution Suzanne Collins wrote about. My current novel seeks to enter into the discussion about humanity’s flawed sense of equality. I’m also a big believer in writing something that is not just about love. Sure, it’s a big part of life, but I refuse to devalue the life of a teenager, or young adult, to the single-minded pursuit of a soulmate. (Sorry Twilight fans, I may not be for you). I like my heroines to rise to a challenge, and discover something more about themselves than how they like to be kissed.

photo by Limelite Studios

photo by Limelite Studios

I still believe in fairies, because no one has ever proven to me that they don’t exist, and as long as new species of animals are being discovered, I’m holding out for a chance that fairies are still in hiding. I’m also a believer in the ridiculous, the mad, and the inspirational.

With this blog I intend to share my journey, my thoughts, and my writing, most of all, as I tackle this crazy thing we call life. I hope that my words can inspire you, entertain you, or just remind you that things only exist because we believe they do, and there is magic even in that thought.

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