Lammily: A Review of the “Real Girl” Doll

My Lammily needs a name! Can you help me? Leave a comment and suggest a name!

My Lammily needs a name! Can you help me? Leave a comment and suggest a name!

My Lammily doll cheap nfl jerseys arrived today! I’ve been looking forward to this since I became a backer back in March of this year. One of the biggest issues people have with dolls is the way they present, and celebrate unrealistic body proportions to young girls, kind of the way magazines, and music videos do for the rest of womankind. In some circles Barbie is considered the Photoshopped Kardashian of the toy industry. I know in my house we debate the issue quite often, but Lammily aims to solve that problem by making realistically proportioned dolls.

Now, let me explain something, I love Barbie.

I just wanted to get that out there. I am not the kind of cheap nfl jerseys woman who blames her body image issues on a plastic doll. Although, I am considered a minority by heritage, and am a member of the female gender (and sex), so I’m used to being different. When I was a kid there wasn’t a huge ethnic variety of these dolls. Yes, they made Teresa, the Mexican doll, and, there was a The Black friend, an Asian friend, with Ken dolls to match. But the friends weren’t Barbie. Only Barbie was Barbie, and she had blonde hair. I didn’t have blonde hair. For me that was the only issue I had. I did grow up wishing I could have blonde hair, probably in the same way straight haired girls wish they could have my spiral curls. I did grow up and give blonde hair a shot–it was terrible, now kind of in the same way a perm is terrible, I imagine. I did not, however, wish I had Barbie’s body. Her wardrobe, I wanted, but I don’t really know many women who wouldn’t like the flexibility of having enough clothes to go from Curls construction site, to a bar for happy hour, a gala, the moon, and a white house press conference…just saying.

For me, Barbie was a tool to act out stories. Yes, I loved her clothes, but I didn’t want to be Barbie. I just wanted to play with her. I also didn’t want to be an Atari, but I sure wanted to play with one. Without getting into a conversation about humanoid toys versus non-humanoid toys, let me just say that the body image thing wasn’t something that affected my life.

Now, the personality Barbie portrayed, and the image she projected has always been annoying. I mean, why does she have to be so sexualized? My daughter got the Doctor Barbie and I spent quite some time explaining to her that real doctors wouldn’t be caught dead performing surgery in six inch stilettos, no one you want operating on you at least.  The cute and cuddly thing, the princess thing, the celebu-tante goody-two shoes perfectly manicured part…that was a Fall problem for me. I wasn’t that kind of kid, and it really would have been nice if Barbie could have used her celebrity to help educate. That is what makes Lammily extra special to me.

On trends the Lammily website, the creator of the doll asserts his belief that the journey towards a goal is just as important as the goal itself, and I couldn’t agree more. Barbie jumps directly from career to career without showing us how she got there. From that angle, Barbie is the Paris Hilton of dolls. She didn’t do anything to earn her dream house, or convertible. From that perspective Barbie only teaches us that a pretty smile is all you need to succeed. That, and lots of really pretty clothes. It’s the very essence of consumerism. A doll that requires you to buy your dream, instead of work for it. This is precisely what Danielle Lammily hopes to combat.

“I want Lammily’s accessories to be reflective of real life in miniature form. I envision her reading books that inform and playing instruments that educate on the sounds and intricacies of music. I see her constructing her own home, cultivating her own garden while learning about the wonders of plants and vegetables and eating these nourishing and healthy foods. All of these aspects are authentic, and can be complimented with an online world where children can explore these realities in depth.”

Today she arrived. I’ve got to admit that it was surprising to me how much different she is than Barbie. At first glance it’s a little jarring, to be honest, but take a look at what I’ve been making comparisons to for most of my life.

Case #1: Barbie as Juliet, and Lammily.

It seemed the ultimate irony to use the Barbie who is supposed to be playing a thirteen year-old girl as a comparison to Lammily, a doll based on proportions of the average 19 year-old girl. Barbie is clearly a taller doll, but looks considerably older that the Lammily doll. Forgiving the uncomfortable gown, since she is only playing a part in a play, Barbie is wearing tons of make-up, and the awkward angles of her arms really make her look uncomfortable juxtaposed against a doll with moveable wrists, and knees.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Case #2: Katniss & Lammily

I’m a nerd, and I love the Hunger Games. I love Jennifer Lawrence too, if you’re wondering. I love that Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t fit the emaciated body type. It’s the curve of her body, as well as her session cheek, that makes her so seductive. That and her fearless authenticity. So it seemed a natural comparison to make, Katniss Everdeen, who was built like the regular District 12 citizen.

As you can see, Barbie’s imagining of Katniss is a lot more like the magazines than the book. #Epicfail Mattel. 19 year-old Lammily looks younger than the 16 year old heroine too. This makes a big difference in the way I appreciate Lammily. It makes me realize my own biases in a more profound way. Call me naiive, but how did we let this one get away from us, Mattel?

Katniss & Lammilly

Katniss & Lammily

Case #3 The Monster High Doll & Lammily

So, one of the things I liked about Monster High Dolls was how weirdly proportioned their bodies, mainly their heads, are to the rest of their bodies. They’re monsters, so it’s okay for them to be askew. When you put Lammily next to Monster High Doll, though, it’s kind of gross how thin these dolls are. wholesale mlb jerseys In fact, their bodies have permanently arched torsos. I’m not sure the big head is a good enough reason for it.

Monster High Doll & Lammily

Monster High Doll & Lammily

I really hope that Lammily is a success, I’m intending to buy more, and maybe even score the Lammily Marks wholesale jerseys for my own doll. I really like the idea of being able to customize her to look more realistic. You can choose to give your doll acne, stretch marks, cheap nba jerseys grass and dirt stains, but I’m looking forward to some tattoos.

The most realistic custom doll you can find anywhere.

The most realistic custom doll you can find anywhere.

I’m interested in hearing what you think about the Lammily doll. Is it an amazing addition, or taking things too far? Does it succeed in giving girls a healthier concept of self? Does it blur the barrier between fantasy and reality, or make it more accessible to young girls?  I’d love to hear your reactions to her.

Leave me a comment.


My NaNoWriMo Update– a vent session

NaNoWriMo2014NaNoWriMo is more than halfway through folks, and I’m still plugging away. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, and takes place during the month of November. To win you have to write 50,000 words in 30 days. It’s really hard.

Normally you’re supposed to start a new project for NaNoWriMo, but I’m veering from the rules this year. Instead, I’m using the motivation, idea: and community of NaNo Le to help motivate me to finish my novel. cheap nba jerseys I’m not sticking to any particular word count (usually it’s 1667 words per day), nor am I paying any attention to those people who seem to have won on the first day.

Last week I reached the 25% milestone I’d set for myself. This week New I’m focusing on getting the middle half plotted and written. It’s really hard.

Learning how to write a novel, while writing a novel isn’t an easy thing. I’ve made my career writing articles, blogs, and reviews which max out around a thousand words. wholesale jerseys I’m literally multiplying it by 50. Novel writing is truly the marathon of writing. More like a triathalon.

Most days I battle myself the way a runner battles his body. My willpower and motivation have to be overcome and focused. Trying to force my creativity into action is a feat in and of itself. graduée Each move towards the finish is simultaneously thrilling, and terrifying. I imagine a mountain wholesale nfl jerseys climber must feel the same way as she reaches the peak, knowing that when she reaches the apex she will stand victoriously close to the heavens. There’s also that underlying dread of the climb back down. it For a writer that’s the knowledge that writing it is only the beginning. Editing. Finding an agent, an editor, a publisher, and then holding your breath for reviews and sales. It’s all so daunting down here only 25% through a first draft.

I keep myself going by reminding myself Plopping that I don’t have a novel. That until I write it, all I have is a collection of words that have gone nowhere. My family helps. Each of them playing their own role in pushing me forward. My husband helps me work out kinks, and create new and interesting objects in the universe of the story. My son lets me read him my chapters, and encourages me to keep going because he just wants to “know what happens next.”

Today the weather sucked, but I pushed through it. Got things done. Words on record. I’m hoping I can keep the momentum going for the week. I’m hoping to keep it moving. Certificates Keep it growing.

Plopping Curls

curlyhairproblemWhat is your favorite physical feature? Do you love your eyes? Do you have killer legs? Do you love the way your hips don’t lie?

For me it’s my amazing curly hair. Curly hair is a gift. It’s a statement. You never look at a curly girl and think, “She’s a pushover.” Curls are the only accessory I need. Curls can change an outfit from so-so to you go!

It’s dieta taken me the better part of my life, and a husband who loves a curly girl, to find an appreciation for my rambunctious ringlets. I didn’t even know that I had curly hair until I was in the third grade when my parents finally relented and let me chop my locks to the shoulder. My classmates were so surprised when I showed up coiffed in coils that they accused me of getting a perm. Over the years, my hair and I have had a serious love/hate relationship. I’ve been through every shade of the hair rainbow, plus some color wheel colors too. I spent a few years spinning my spirals into straw with a flatiron, and have had every specialized hair cutting technique a curly girl can find.

Curly hair requires a whole lot of trial and error. There’s thousands of dollars in curly products out in the world, and I’ve tried most of them. In the last year I’ve found a routine that works for me, but that doesn’t mean I’m not always looking for new tips and tricks, especially when it comes to drying.

See, for wholesale MLB jerseys curly girls there are two options: air dry or diffuse.

Air drying is my go-to method. It’s easy, and fast. It does come with its own risks. It is completely dependent on good weather. A humid day will bring the frizz. A cold day will not only draw stares, but will freeze your locks, which, of course leads to frizz. There’s also the tell-tale wet spot on the back of your shirt, along with all the strangers who want to share superstitions about wet hair getting you sick.

Diffusing is not something I do. I’ve tried it. I have the cup diffuser, which lifts your curls while drying, and the Deva Diffuser, which is shaped like a hand to allow you to lift the curls, as well as drying the roots. The problem is that the curls tend to be wholesale Arizona Cardinals jerseys flatter, less defined, and either frizzy (too little product) or crunchy (too much product)–I’ve never found that happy medium. It also takes too long, requires an appliance it (blow dryer plus diffuser), is loud, and involves heat on your hair. I know that a diffuser month is supposed to reduce the damage, but heat is a curl’s worst enemy.

On a recent Pinterest session I discovered the most ridiculous sounding method of drying curly hair–plopping. After some Googling I discovered that there was a whole community of curly plopping girls. Wavy girls use this method to get curlier hair. The only thing I didn’t find was a good picture of someone with curls like mine post-plop.

So I decided to give it a try.

All you need is a t-shirt, preferably long sleeved.


  1. Plopping takes place after you’ve showered. De-tangle your hair, and náhradních add whatever product you use.
  2. I’m a big fan of Curlfriends wholesale jerseys Replenish Leave-In Conditioner, and Control Gel. I always rake product through my hair in sections, making sure to pull straight up to release it from my scalp, and define the curls.
  3. Spread your t-shirt on a flat surface and tip your head upside down.
  4.  Lower your hair into the center of the shirt. The Compliance trick is to pile your hair in the center of the t-shirt, so the curls will stack themselves, instead of hanging off your head.
  5. Pull the back of the shirt to your neck, just above the hairline.
  6. Roll the front to your forehead.
  7. Twist the sides until they are tight against either side of your head, pull around and secure to your head. This is where a long sleeved shirt is a better choice. I actually turned an Out old t-shirt inside out, and cut along the front of it so it was one big sheet of fabric with arms.
  8. As you can see, there's been no Botox in my ilfe...but the plop is in full effect--tag out and everything.

    As you can see, there’s been no Botox in my ilfe…but the plop is in full effect–tag out and everything.

    Wait. There’s a lot of discrepancy in the plopping community in regards to how long you should plop. Some ploppers only plop for twenty minutes. Others plop overnight. Some say you should plop until your hair is 90% dry.  I plopped in the morning–around 11AM, and waited until 3:30 PM to un-plop–which left my hair about 90% dry. The fun part is answering a door with a rolled up t-shirt on your head.

  9. To un-plop, bend over and release the t-shirt.
  10. Let your hair air dry the rest of the way. DO NOT TOUCH IT!
  11. Marvel at the results.

This is just after I un-plopped. The hair is still about 10% wet. Not the greatest curl definition, but not bad.

Wow! Plopping really works. My hair curled entirely to the roots. I ended up with soft (not crunchy) spirals. At first they weren’t as well defined as good air dry day, but definitely better than a diffuser. However, after my hair had completely dried….


Hair curled to the roots. Fantastic curl definition. Soft. I think I’ve been converted.


I achieved total curl perfection.

The only problem is how long this method takes. I mean, who has the time to walk around looking like a genie all day? So, I decided to plop overnight, and see if I could get the same results. Follow me on Facebook to see the results of my overnight plopping.

Do you plop? Do you have some tips or tricks to tame cheap jerseys your curls?


The Moral of The Story- Back it Up

backupNo one ever said I was perfect. Least of all me. Letting my hosting expire was pretty stupid. Although, in my defense, it wasn’t so much an act of intention as much as it was a result of being so overwhelmed, and bogged down with all the new ??????????????????? developments in my life. Excuses and Explanations aside– the bottom line is that I lost all my data!

Of wholesale jerseys course, GoDaddy would have been happy to restore it for me, for a mere $150! When I Nfl told wholesale jerseys my super-friendly customer service rep that there was no way I could pay that, she asked me if I’d paid more than that to have the site designed.

Alas! I’d done all the work myself–I’m sure you can tell. Of course, I had to make this discovery with NaNoWriMo in full swing.  It’s been slow going, but I finally got it all up and running. The big downside, however, is that I’ve lost all of my previous posts. The cheap nba jerseys upside, cheap jerseys is that I am still writing, and plan to add more awesome content–so you won’t even notice anything is missing!

Thank cheap mlb jerseys you for sticking with me! I’m really grateful!

I’m happy to report that I did learn a lesson from this ordeal–always back up your work!

Stay tuned for more musings, how-to articles, lessons learned, and updates from my writing journey.