Before the MHM Challenge- My Curl Regimen

     I believe in the scientific method. As such it is important to understand my hair going into the Maximum Hydration Method 7 Day Challenge.
     I have Type 3b Curly low porosity hair. This is an important tidbit to know, as different curl types require different kinds of products, and have different needs. You can click here to learn about your curl type. 
     I haven’t heat styled my hair since October 2015—and that was because the place I went didn’t know how to style curly hair without straightening it first. I shampoo my hair every 2-3 weeks with sensitive scalp Head & Shoulders, which is probably the worst thing I use on my hair. When I talk about washing my hair every day, it doesn’t include shampoo. For over a year I’d been using Biolage Curl Conditioner, to scrub my scalp and condition daily. Last week I bought a cleansing conditioner by Carol’s Daughter brand, but it was much more drying that I’d anticipated.
     In the shower I detangle with a wide shower comb. This is also a relatively new change. Up until recently I swore by my vent brush for getting tangles out of my wet hair. Truth be told, that’s a lot of the reason top of my head hair is so flat. Too much pulling in all the wrong directions.
     Out of the shower I apply Miss Jessie’s Leave-in Condish all over, and follow up with Miss Jessie’s Multicultural Curl Cream, and wait.
     That’s it. Nothing complicated. From beginning to end it takes about 15 minutes.
     By now you might be thinking you’d love to embrace your inner curly girl. I think you should, but there are some things to consider before you commit.
  1. Yes, your hair will get frizzy, but your straight haired friends are having frizz problems too. Unlike them, however, you can twist your wet hair on either side of your part, and pull both sides into a cute updo. Your straight-haired friends just have to deal with their flyaways, cause you’ll be looking fly that way. See what I did there? I’m adorable.
  2. You will have to completely give up your blow-dryer, AND your flat-iron. I’m not talking about giving it up only for special occasions either. Every single time you use one of those appliances you are burning the strands of your, already hollow and porous, hair. Sure, some of the newer products mitigate that damage, but just like decaf still has a little caffeine, you’re not avoiding all the damage. In fact, your hair is not going to be at it’s best until all that damaged hair is gone. Besides, you know how you feel when you see that girl with the perfect coils and you think “My hair never looks that good. She must have special hair.”? Well if you start now you CAN have that hair. It will take some time, some adjustment, and probably a little investment. In the long run, however, curly hair is a lot easier to manage and predict that you think. The same way you learned how to handle your straightened hair, you can learn how to have amazing curls almost every single day!
  3. You will fall in love with yourself. I can’t overstate this enough. You shouldn’t hate your reflection. You shouldn’t roll your eyes every time you see yourself in a picture. Some people would call that vanity, and perhaps there’s a line somewhere, but loving yourself is one of the best gifts you could give yourself. For me, embracing my curls was synonymous with embracing the me who I am. I was born with curly hair. I’ve gone through the same curl-hate, strand punishing dictatorship. I was only ever happy the first day of an awesome blowout, but it wasn’t me. I was dodging rain, and cursing humidity as if the weather was personally out to get me. It didn’t happen overnight. It took time, and Pinterest, but little by little I started to see more and more good hair days. Once, the pizza delivery girl looked at me stunned, and said, “You have the best hair I’ve ever seen!” At the time, I thought she was nuts, of course, but it takes time. Nowadays, I do wish I could have less frizz, but on the whole I’m proud to wear my hair high. It’s so much fun to play with!
  4. Children will be inspired by you. I don’t mean this to sound weird, okay. There are tons of little curly headed boys and girls out there who only see beauty associated with glossy, straight, usually blonde, hair. When little curl-kids see my hair, especially on a good hair day, I can see the looks in their eyes. It’s the same one I had for the Noxema Girl– a recognition that curly hair can be beautiful, and that means I can be beautiful too. Everyone deserves to believe that. You can be person, but first you have to love your curl.
  5. You’re going to have to learn to read a label. Hair is skin, right? It’s a part of your body, and as such, you should know what you’re putting it in. Not all products are made for your hair. Things like Vitamin B5 builds up on your hair like a protein, and are really hard to remove. Avoiding things on the MHM-No-No list is a good way to get started. 
     In my next post I’ll give you the low-down, the results, and most embarrassing picture I’ve ever taken, when I take the plunge with Day One of the MHM 7 Day Challenge!
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