MHM Day 7 Reveal & Review

It’s finally here! The final day of MHM. It’s a strange feeling. I thought I’d be more excited. There’s a lot more burnout involved than I’d imagined, but I’ve never spent so much time actively worrying about my hair. It’s been quite a journey. Here’s my final day’s re-cap:

Step One:  ACV and the rest of the option 2 baking soda rinse.

Steps Four & Five

Kinky Knot diluted Leave in & Miss Jessie’s Multicultural Curls.
     Today I got very distracted in the garden, and didn’t get started until 2:00 PM!! If you’ve been following along this far, you know that the MHM process is crazy time consuming. So I skipped the finger combing in favor my shower comb. It was much easier to get the conditioner through. I also made the call to return to my original curl definer: Miss Jessie’s Multicultural Curls. The gel just made me unhappy.  It’s not a total loss though. I’ve read that if I dilute it enough  (I’m working on the enough part) it is a wonderful spray-on. I may try this as a final step when MHM is over.
     I was able to fly through these steps in 20 minutes! That’s a 7 day record! Using the Multicultural Curls cream made everything feel so much nicer, and while the frizz wasn’t fully banished, it was definitely under control. It was my best hair day so far. In fact when I woke up the next day my hair still looked amazing. It was my best hair so far.

The Reveal:

Day 7 MHM Reveal

The best way to see the results is the shake test. I wish I’d thought ahead enough to take a video of Day 0. Still you can see how amazing the definition is. You can see how each curl is it’s own independent body, instead of just being one giant mass.

My MHM Assessment

     If we take a look at a side-by-side shot of Day 0 and Day 7 of MHM, it’s clear to see that my hair has changed.
     I’ve been so obsessed with frizz during this process, it’s funny to look at the hair I started with. My pre-MHM hair is so much frizzer!! Can a person get spoiled so quickly?  Post-MHM the curls form full ringlets, and they start much higher up to the root than they did before. With each curl defined, my hair has the volume I’ve been searching for too.

The real question is, would I do it all over again?

     I want to give you an unequivocal answer, but the truth is that the MHM process is sooooo time consuming. I can’t stress this enough. The ACV is kind of stinky, and my family did get pretty irritated with me. All the waiting in between steps is nothing short of obnoxious. It’s hard to sit down and write while your hair is dripping, or your scalp is tingling. Plus, writing my experiences down took up a significant amount of time too. Oh, and did I mention the mess? I definitely sprayed just as much ACV on the mirrors as I got on my hair. It was absolutely a challenge to get through, and it caused lots of timing issues. Because I skipped a day a few times the process took a total of 11 days, and by the last day I was so sick of shower caps. If I did it again, I would make sure not to schedule anything time sensitive for the duration.
     On the other hand, I am soooo in love with my hair. It’s incredible. It feels good. I feel confident. My husband loves how much curlier my hair is. If he hadn’t been privy to what I was doing, he says he would’ve thought I cut my hair. That’s how much spring I’ve gained! The best part is that my ends are super healthy. I think I may still get a trim, but it will be minimal. After an entire year without a cut, that’s impressive. I may actually get to keep the length that grew in that year!
     The best part is that I don’t have to do it all over again, at least not every day for seven entire days. To maintain maximum hydration it is recommended to repeat one day of the cycle every 2-3 days, but I’m calling it once a week, as that’s the guideline for 4c hair. The Cherry Lola treatment can replace Step One once a month.
     Honestly, I can’t say I would do it all over again, all seven days, all the rinses, all the waiting, the tired arms, the dripping hair… at least not until I know what my hair looks like after MHM. If the question is, would I do the MHM every time I wet my hair, then the answer would easily be “hell no”. However, if my hair continues to look this fabulous even after my 15 minutes of normal styling I’ll be singing a much different tune.
In the meantime, check out a pictorial wrap up of the 7 Day MHM challenge.

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My next post will be all about life Post-MHM- how MHM changed my practice, and I’ll dish on the big decision: to MHM, or not to MHM!
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